A Record Store Day miracle! Our pal — and longtime artist for PhishJim Pollock designed us a t-shirt for RSD this year. The shirt will be available on Saturday, April 22nd.

Shirts are limited and this is a one-time printing. First come, first served.

Any remaining shirts will be available online starting Monday, April 24th.

Check out more of Jim’s work at pollockprints.com.

Jim Pollock of Pollock Prints is best known for the art he has done forthe band Phish, starting with his iconic album cover art for the band’s first album Junta. Since the mid-1980s, when he met members of the band at Goddard College in rural Vermont, Jim’s artistic journey has been motivated by a singular urge: to create unique pieces that evoke a spirit of discovery and that are open for interpretation. These days, fans line up for hours before shows to get a poster from that night’s performance, and Jim’s live art-making installations have become a defining fixture of their festival experience.