We’re jumping on the bandwagon for this month’s pick. Β Surely you’ve read somewhere about the new David Bowie record. Β It’s all over the place. Β The majority of the reviews say it’s excellent, and we agree with them. Β It reminded us of Bowie’s insanely badass Berlin Trilogy. Β Even the artwork with the blocked out “Heroes” cover is a clever move. Β And then there are the songs…all 14 of them rock (unless you buy the deluxe edition, then you get more songs that rock). Β It’s pure Bowie! Β In all the good ways!

We have the CD versions right now. Β The vinyl drops on March 26th. Β We’re gonna buy ’em both just because. Β Read some blurbs below the cover…


“Mr. Bowie’s twilight masterpiece” – New York Times
“Breathtaking… a marvelously successful return” – LA Times
“4 stars… a glorious homecoming” – USA Today
“Music that’s rich, dense and urgent” – Wall Street Journal
“Simultaneously accessible and ambitious” – Billboard
β€œAn endlessly enjoyable listen” – NPR Morning Edition
“A thriller, not merely a return to form” – NPR Fresh Air
“A fine rock record” – New Yorker
“Vigorous… adventurous” – Stereogum
“The best Bowie since ‘Scary Monsters'” – Chicago Sun-Times
“A sweet coda to a towering career” – All Music Guide