l-amour-deluxe-vinylUPDATE: THEY FOUND LEWIS!

Light in the Attic’s latest reissue from the wild world of quiet synth music is here! ย Who the hell is this Lewis guy? The liner notes do a fantastic job at answering this question while the man still seems so mysterious. ย Look at that album artwork. ย It’s hard to tell what the music is actually going to sound like and I promise you that you’ll never guess. ย But drop the needle on this mystical record and pouring out of your speakers comes the most mesmerizing, quiet, heartbreakingly sweet synth folk music ever put to tape…at least that’s a possibility. ย How was this lost in the ether for so long? ย What else is out there like this? These are valid questions but for now we have Lewis and his “L’Amour” LP, and that suits us just fine. ย The record comes housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with even more photos of our boy Lewis, and those aforementioned liner notes, which make for some fine reading while basking in the synth/acoustic guitar cashmere blanket of a record this is. ย We highly recommend adding this to your summer playlist and letting it carry you through all the changing seasons to come. ย Wherever you are Lewis, thank you!