This comes at no surprise to the folks living in Oxford who frequent our shop. We’re always spinning “Wyoming” on the store turntable, and most of the time that results in selling a copy. We even made a little badge of honor for the in-store copy that says “this record gets our most played award.” I could go on and on about how good it is, but our customers have proved that by making it our top-selling record of the year. We can’t wait for the next Water Liars record, which is due early next year!

Here’s what employee Bill had to say about “Wyoming,” which he picked as his favorite record of the year:

“Released early in 2013, no album has meant more to me this year. It helped me grieve the loss of Jason Molina, my favorite songwriter. It soundtracked al the good things, too. Justin Kinkel-Schuster is one of my favorite songwriters, up there with Will Oldham and Willy Vlautin. His voice is lonesome and weary and perfect. Andrew Bryant–his drums and backing vocals a deep thread of goldenness laced through the record–is the engine under the hood. In a year that we lost Molina, Water Liars have made a record that will define the decade for me in the same way that Songs: Ohia’s ‘The Magnolia Electric Co.’ defined the 2000s.”