We took a train ride down to New Orleans last week to see the Rebels and the Saints play. ย We ate plenty of good food, caught a Guided by Voices show, and of course, we found time to hit up two of our favorite record stores in the Crescent City. ย We didn’t make it by the excellent Louisiana Music Factory in the French Quarter, BUT we did hit up Domino Sound Record Shack and Euclid Records in the Bywater.

If you are a fan of all things dub and reggae as well as African music, then Domino Sound is heaven. ย We picked up some classic King Tubby LPs and a great Trojan Records reggae comp among other things. Domino Sound also specializes in obscure international LPs and tapes. ย We were there for a while…

We then took a trip to Euclid Records. Some of you may be familiar with their St. Louis location…also a rad record store. ย Euclid has a huge selection of just about every genre. ย We bought a little bit of everything, but most notably a great copy of “Einstein on the Beach”–the epic opera by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson–on 4 LPs in a box with some great reading in the liner notes. ย We could’ve easily spent a full day here.

So be sure to hit up these shops next time you’re in New Orleans. Tell ’em we sent you!