Listening Party Update: We’ll be hosting a listening party at Bar Muse on Friday, March 18th at 5 p.m. Joe and Ross at Bar Muse are making a special cocktail for the event. We also have a $100 bar tab courtesy of Easy Eye Sound… so, the first drink is on us for anyone that attends (until the money runs out!). We’ll have some cool give-aways and swag for attendees. Bar Muse is located in the front of the Lyric Theater. See y’all there!

The March Record of the Month Club pick is something really special. It’s an extremely rare treat to hear unreleased Son House recordings, and that’s exactly what we have here. Forever On My Mind is a brand new Son House album of previously unreleased recordings from the legendary “Father Of The Delta Blues.”  The album comes from the archives of Oxford’s own Dick Waterman. Restored to remarkable clarity, by producer Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) for Easy Eye Sound, these recordings represent the earliest recordings of Son House upon his return to the limelight after 20+ years away.

ROTM Club Members will be getting a copy of the indie exclusive vinyl pressed on black/white vinyl. These will start shipping out on the 3/18 release date. 

“He sounds like he’s in a trance, and his singing is so nuanced here. He’s very playful with his phrasing, just right on the money with his singing and playing. It sounds so right to me—top form Son House.” – Dan Auerbach