Our May selection for the Record of the Month Club aims to take you to a far away lounge in the mind. Whispers Lounge is an imaginary place where you can get a cold Moscow Mule, the cigarette smoke lingers like in an old Hollywood movie, and the music…the music is dreamy, loungy, sexy, haunting, and above all else, tailored for the setting. This record is perfect for those backyard BBQs we all wish we were having right now. It’s the perfect record for when you bust out the blender to make homemade piña coladas (here’s a recipe).

Club Members will get a copy of Whispers Lounge from the Numero Group’s “Cabinet of Curiosities” series. The record comes housed in a “matchbook” sleeve…it’s rad. Sign up now to get your copy! Several Club Members will be randomly selected to receive an extra limited edition 7-inch single featuring two delectable lo-fi covers of Fleetwood Mac. 

Gathered on Whispers Lounge are 14 lounge originals from across the entire easy listening spectrum. A spent matchbook’s worth of crooners, bossa nobodies, seafood jazzers, and Donca-Matic enthusiasts all in search of their ticket out of a red leather booth hell.

Blue Eyed Soul Ain’t No Weight
The Do’s and Don’ts No One to Talk my Troubles To
Jan Tober & Ron Satterfield Focus
Richard Powell World of Ecstasy
Chuck Senrick Kids
Justen O’Brien & Jake These Moments Now
Terri Schmidt Closer to Your Heart
Joey Edmonds Blue
Tom Dae Just as Long as You Are Mine
Nick Gillette Why
Mike Munoz Old LA
James Moonset
Cleveland Jones In Spite of Myself
Mood Mystics The Winds of Mars