RSDBF 2014 flyer for web


Were hosting Record Store Day Black Friday at our shop on Friday, November 28 before the Egg Bowl.

RSDBF is a day where record labelsboth major and indieget together with independent record shops all over the world to celebrate local record shops and release limited edition records. Its not quite as big as Record Store Day in April but its a great way to kick start the holiday season with hundreds of new releases.

This year were letting you sleep in an extra hour. Well be opening the shop at 11 a.m. instead of our normal 10 a.m. opening time. We know some folks will get here early no matter what, but weve never been a big fan of the chaos surrounding early-morning Black Friday sales. So well wait til the sun is high and everyone can get coffee and breakfast before we open.

CUPS coffee shop will be here slinging coffee to the masses all morning as well. Bring some cash for a warm beverage. Theyll have medium roast and a flavor-of-the-day coffee available.

All used vinyl will be 25% off on this day! You can finally buy that record from the rare bin at a great price!

Well post the list of official RSDBF titles a few days before the big event. Stay tuned for that!

And remember; these titles are available on a first come, first served basis. There are absolutely no holds or preorders on any of these titles. We get a limited amount of each release (we have zero control over the allocation process), so come early if you think we may sell out of a certain title. Unfortunately there are no guarantees of the availability of these releases, but we try our best to make everyone happy.

After we close down for the day well be heading over to Proud Larrys to spin records as part of the Cats Purring Mythic Saloon DJ party. Its free! So come celebrate RSDBF with us at the shop then dance with us at Larrys later that night. Go Rebs!

Thanks for supporting your local record store. We really appreciate it.