Lots of new stuff in today! Plus some great used LPs and 45s!

Here’s a taste of the new and restocks:
-Archers of Loaf vinyl reissues
-Blur vinyl reissues
-John Maus LPs restock
-Grateful Dead “American Beauty” and “Workingman’s Dead” vinyl reissues
-Sonic Youth “Sister” LP plus lots more
-Lost Sounds new demo LP from GONER RECORDS
-Mississippi Records restocks including Abner Jay
-Pin Group reissue LP from FLYING NUN
-Chris Knox 10″ (some great, great songs on this)
-Staring into the Sun: Ethiopian Music LP from SUBLIME FREQUENCIES
-Lots of great reissues from 4 MEN WITH BEARDS including Modern Lovers, Chris Bell, Wire, etc.
-Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Return to 36 Chambers” LP reissue
-J. Dilla “The Shining” LP
-some great compilations from HONEST JON RECORDS
-Destroyer’s “Rubbies” LP
-The Trypes LP (compilation including members of The Feelies)
-Jack White “Blunderbuss” vinyl restock

plus a lot more!

More record players (vintage and new) in stock as well.