You can purchase a copy of the new PLUME cassette right here! We’ll be hosting PLUME THIS Friday, October 30th at 5 p.m. for a record release party and FREE in-store show (check the facebook event page)! You can also catch the band on Thacker Mountain Radio on Thursday, October 29th at Off Square Books or live on the radio! 

Here’s a brief interview with the creative force behind PLUME, Will Goss:

What is Plume? How long have you been performing under that name? 

Plume is the name of my recording project.  The name originates from hunting stories I’ve overheard throughout my childhood.  Usually at holidays.  Usually at Nana’s.  Usually told by my dad.  “So I was sitting on my sputnik at the Conservation League, when a big ol’ 9 point comes out of the cane break. I put my gun up, and… PLUME!”  So the name of the band is a verb–I’m looking through my extensive iTunes library right now, and I can’t find any other band name verbs.  There’s Smashing Pumpkins, but that’s a gerund followed by a DO.   Answer to the second question.  Since 2006, after I graduated from the University of Georgia.

You are also a film director.  How do your films and Plume relate? Do they relate? 

I am a film director.  I think they are both rooted in music.  Especially Plume. No, one of the most interesting things about the cinema is variety of approaches that it allows in the medium.  There are directors who are essentially writers or maybe painters, and in my case, musicians.  I was playing the guitar and writing songs long before I was making films, so I feel music is closer to my core.  To my essence.  I write most all the most for my films, so that is an obvious way they come together.  A more subtle, yet more fundamental connection, comes through the editing.  Editing a film is all about rhythm (to me it is)- it’s intuitive in the same way as playing an instrument.  You keep tinkering with it until it feels right.

Who or what are some of your influences as a musician? 

Too few to mention.  Sike!  Too numerous.  I love Syd Barrett, The Possum, Talk Talk, The Kinks, Fugazi, Joni Mitchell, 10cc, Peter Tosh, Dwight Yoakam, Dolly Parton, Bowie.  These artists and literally everything else I hear influences my music.  Good and bad.

Is Plume a rock band? 

I hate labels.  Especially on Stella Artois.  Totally pointless having to peel that thing off every time.  And it never comes off all at once.  The current permutation is definitely a rock band.  Ol Harrison “Floor Tom” Smith on the drums and Weenis McIntosh on bass and me on electric guitar.  Classic 3-piece with mashed potatoes and grave.

What’s next for Plume? 

Sitting on some sick material.  Just finished a super sad country song. Planning a Scandinavian music video with 2 beautiful women.  Hopefully finish an album’s worth of tracks for an album in the spring or summer. And hopefully more live performances. 

What would the ultimate Plume tour merch be? 

Best question of the whole interview.  Maybe a Plume planner.  With very small blocks for things like bills, obligations, chores, and huge squares for FUN, TRAVEL, AND MUSIC.

Go here for more info on this release and to listen to some choice cuts from Resting on My Laurels.