We hate to do this but the label hasn’t gotten the records to us yet so we’ve got to CANCELour Midnight Release…so much for it being our first one!! So sorry to the folks that were planning on coming and we feel like an ass having to cancel but we can’t control UPS or a major record label…it bums us out too. We’ll let y’all know when the records land…we will have the CD on Friday, 11/18.


Metallica is dropping a new record on Friday, November 18th but you can snag it at The End of All Music on Thursday, Nov. 17th at MIDNIGHT! We’ve never done a midnight release before sowe figured this is a good occasion to try it out. We’ll have the limited, color vinyl version of HARDWIRED…TO SELF-DESTRUCT only available at independent record stores as well as the CD version. We’ll also be giving away some killer prizes like a Metallica deluxe box set, free posters, turntable slipmats, stickers, and more!

We will close at 6 p.m. like normal on Thursday, 11/17 and then reopen at midnight so you can grab the new Metallica. We may have some beer on hand too

Stay tuned for more info!